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District F Cabinet Members and District F Lions Clubs,
I received and email form Andy Arvidson who is the first Chairperson for the MD 19 "Knights of the Blind" Committee.He discussed this at the last MD19 Council of Governors meeting.
Below is a description from Andy on what the purpose of the Committee is:
"As the first Chair of the newly formed MD19 KOTB Committee I will be working with our elected District Representatives to contact all District Governors, Zone Chairs and Lions Club Presidents to inform them of what we are, who we are and the main purpose that we are striving to achieve as a committee, as noted in our Mission Statement: To accept and act upon the Helen Keller challenge made to Lions to become the "Knights Of The Blind," which includes the improvement of the quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired."

I have also attached the complete attachment that he recently sent to me.  If you or any of your members have interest in becoming active with this committee, please send Andy an email.  His email address is at the top.
Thank you District F Lions for all you do.
Sincerely,Ray FujiuraDiistrict Governor

"Kindness Matters when Serving our Communities..."

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I regret to inform you that after consulting with my conference committee, we have decided to cancel our District Conference that was scheduled for March 19th and 20th of 2021.
My committee members PDG Melba Fujiura and PDG Larry Carley are however working on putting together a virtual Conference for Saturday March 20th.
Ray Fujiura District F Governor
"Kindness Matters when Serving our Communities...:

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District F Lions, In my last email to you I spoke about a new project that MD 19 was undertaking. As I visit with Clubs one of the most asked questions I get is, "what are other clubs doing now? "This is the information MD 19 is trying to track and share with everyone in the Multiple District.
This email was sent to all the Club Presidents and Secretaries in the Multiple District, I sent out a "heads-up" to look for it a week or so ago. Please, please take some time to look at the website and participate. There are clubs in this district that are still working on projects, we want your input so please send your information to Eric Miura. His email address is listed on the website. Eric is looking for both your success and also things that have not been successful.
I felt this was important enough to send it out to you also. We need to continue to meet as Lions ,we need to continue to do projects as Lions, we need to be visible in our Communities and WE NEED TO INCREASE OUR MEMBERSHIP NUMBERS.
Thank you Lions for all you do in your communities.
Ray Fujiura
"Kindness Matters when Serving our Communities..."

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What is the MD19 Covid Campaign?

Thank you to all Lions Clubs for responding quickly and sharing your Covid service activities. The MD19 Covid Campaign is a platform for all members to access the creative service projects that have been successfully launched during these unprecedented times by members and clubs in MD19.
The Covid Campaign will be emailing all 10,000+ MD19 members directly with a weekly inspirational project bulletin showcasing the creative capabilities of our fellow Lions. We have also launched the Covid Campaign website. This can be accessed via the MD19 website or by clicking the link below.
This campaign is driven by you, the Members! Please share your stories, both success and failures so that we may all band together and ensure that we can serve our communities safely and successfully.

Club Safety Officer

Do you have one? Covid or not a Club Safety Officer is a member whose specific task is both member and public safety during any Lions service.
Need more info click on the link below!https://md19covidcampaign.weebly.com/safety-officer-job-description1.html

Share one idea at a time!

Fill out the form and along with 1-4 high res photos share your club covid service activities to be included in our weekly bulletin!


Happy to help!

For any questions or assistance feel free to email
Eric Miura, MD19 GAT Membership Chair
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District F Lions, Below is a message from District F Diabetes Chairperson Dr. Chris Babin:
"Please join the Lions Clubs of District F in observing World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2020.  The theme this year is “Nurses Make the Difference” in recognition of the crucial role nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.  Currently, there are 27.9 million nurses worldwide and they account for 59% of health professionals.  As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise around the world the role of nurses is becoming increasingly more important in managing the impact of the condition.  They play a key role in diagnosing diabetes early to ensure prompt treatment, providing self-management training and psychological support for people with diabetes to help reduce incidence of complications and tackling the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Do you and your loved ones know your risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes?  Now is the time to learn these by going to: www.worlddiabetesday.organd take the “Know Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes”.  Click on the “Get Involve” tab on the top of the main page and scroll down to “HERE ARE SOME IDEAS ON HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED.”  Below that click on the “online quiz” link.  This short quiz will help you determine your risk and provide resources to help lower this risk."
Dr. Chris Babin District 19 F Diabetes Chairperson
I've also attached a .pdf file of this message. If you have any question or ideas on raising Diabetes Awareness, pleas contact Dr. Babin at the email address above.  Don't forget to report any service projects that you do in regards to diabetes awareness or any other Lions or Community Service.
Thank you again District F Lions for everything you do.
Ray Fujiura  DG
"Kindness does Matter when Serving our Communities..."

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District F Lions, Wow, we had a great virtual convention last Saturday.  There were lots of interesting topics and speakers. There was one topic that was very interesting and I thought I should share it with you. In my communications with the Clubs in the District, the question most asked me is "What are other Clubs doing during the Pandemic." A lot of Clubs are just now starting to meet, clubs have had to cancel major projects and fund raising events. Take heart Lions as there are Clubs that have been successful even during this time.  One of the speakers Eric Miura put it best. "There are opportunities during times of difficulty...."  Their club has managed to be successful and to increase membership as well. I am writing to let you know that in a week or so, you will be getting an email from the Multiple District.  Not sure what the subject line will be but it will be something like: "MD19 COVID Campaign" I AM ASKING YOU to please take a look at this information.  The information will be about what other clubs are doing, their successes and their not so successful projects.  This is exactly what we've been asking for. There will be projects from easy to more complicated that we can adapt and complete.  Please take the time to examine this material..  Eric's email address listed so take the time to let him know if this is what you need. Initially this will be mailed to Club officers, the hope is that everyone inputs what is working and what is not, so we as a Multiple District can learn and be successful together.  Great idea.... I am hopeful and optimistic that this will help every club in the district if we are open enough to give this a try. Once again, please look for this email and please take the time to view the material. Thank you again for your service to your communities. DG Ray "Kindness Matters when Serving our Communities.."

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Hope everyone has been staying safe and continuing to do Lions work.
I haven't sent out a message in a while so thought send a quick update on what is going on.
First of all, a reminder that THIS WEEKEND!!! is the MD 19 District Convention.  This year it is completely on line. For the $20 registration fee, you have access to over 50 seminars live and to access them online later on.  What a great opportunity to educate yourself about Lions and what other Clubs are doing.

MD19 Lions—Welcome

No hotel rooms, no travel, no meals and you have access to everything plus breakout sessions.  It is this coming weekend so call your Club members and remind everyone to sign up for this event.

A reminder that November is Diabetes Awareness Month.  Does your Club have any activities planned to raise awareness about Diabetes?  Let us know what you are planning to do please.

I've been to a few Clubs now and and will also be participating in a few more virtual visitations.  At my visits, I've been promoting 4 worthwhile causes.  They are
Leader Dog for the Blind
CARE - our MD19 project this year is to promote education for girls 10 to 18 in Haiti
LERC - help support our NW Lions Eyeglass Recycling Center with a donation
LCIF - Lions Clubs International Foundation 
I understand that most Clubs have had to cancel their major fundraising events this year, please consider a small donation of $25.00 to each of these causes.

I've also been promoting a project called NAMI or North American Membership Institute. I have been asking Clubs have at least 1 membership recruiting event this year.
This is very important, we need to grow our District as our numbers are falling. 
Even though we've all been dealing with this pandemic Clubs in North America have been able to add membership.  You may be wondering how Clubs have been able to do this.
It sounds kind of silly and we've all heard this before.  These clubs have been asking people to join.
Think about this, just ask someone to become a Lions, at the least it will start a conversation about what Lions Clubs are and why it is important to be a LIon.
1st Vice District Governor Melissa Smith will be talking about NAMI a lot more next year so get a start on membership now.

There are a number of Clubs that have still not sent in an reports this year.  Please, please ask your Club Secretary to report what is going on with your club.  Again, it is difficult but I am sure that all of you have something to report.  Did any of you participate in any Halloween activities?  
If your Club is just getting around to meeting now, then report your officers for this year.  Also please speak to your Treasurers about MD 19 dues and Lions Clubs International dues.  

I wanted to thank everyone for being Lions, what a great organization this is.  Please continue to meet with your fellow Lions and continue to do the great works you do in your communities.  Small acts of kindness will ripple through your communities... also remember that what you do locally can affect a Global community.  You just need to tell us about it.

Thanks Again District F Lions,

DG Ray Fujiura

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Subject:      Evans  Canyon Fire

I have been contacted by Michele Roth, the executive director for the Red Cross in this area.

She has informed me that no supplies, water, food, etc. are needed at this time.

The needs of over 100 families are being met with shelter, meals, emotional and health support.

What is needed is money to support this ongoing effort.

For those who wish to support the cause individually, checks can be sent to the following address:

                                                 American Red Cross

                                                 P.O. Box 3097

                                                 Seattle, WA 9811

                                                 Identify funds for “Evans Canyon Fire”


We will likewise bring up this need at our next board meeting on the 15th to see if our club will provide a corporate donation. We are now in a reserve mode.  We will be contacted if our services are needed. We are thankful for the response and format provided by Duane Lyons and Robert Bowman which we will hopefully utilize at some point. As for now we are on stand by.  Thank you one and all for your willingness to serve!



John E. Anderson


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As of Thursday Morning
SELAH, Wash. -- The Evans Canyon Fire has grown to an estimated 52,000 acres, and 0% contained, according to officials.

Selah Valley Lions Club donated Water, Gatorade, and Snacks for the firefighters and evacuees on Tuesday Afternoon at the Yakima Red Cross.

Naches Lions Club has asked anyone who can help to please donate as well, non-perishable food and water to the Red Cross in Yakima with a note for the Evans Canyon Fire for it's destination.

Red Cross Yakima WA Address:
302 S 2nd Street, Yakima WA

If anyone would like to help out Katherine at Nana Kates in Selah WA has been asked to make lunches for the firefighters and evacuees and could really use help please call her at (509) 697-4804 and let her know your from the Lions Club and would like to help her.

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District F Lions,

Hello, I hope you are all doing well.  The District F Cabinet met last Saturday the 25th.  We had a great meeting and a lot of ideas were discussed.  Your Club will be contacted by Cabinet Chair so please watch for those emails.  The Cabinet Chairs are excited to share their thoughts and ideas with you.

I hope that your Club is meeting regularly.  Please plan of doing so if you are not.  I know that a lot of projects have had to be canceled because of COVID.  I also feel strongly that we need to continue to meet as Lions.  We could be calling each other, or using one of many virtual platforms that are available.  It is important that we meet and continue to Serve our communities.

Clubs are being very creative in their service, Please report what you've been doing to LCI and send me a quick note so I can share your creative ideas with the other clubs in the district.  I've heard of various "drive-thru" events.  Some clubs in  MD 19 have held Drive-thru food sales as fund raisers.  Now is the time to be creative AND safe in our Service.

What projects can we do outdoors while socially distancing?

Again, please send me a note of what you are doing so we can share it with the rest of the district.  It is a challenging time, I am confident that we as Lions will figure out a way through it.

I've also attached a couple of flyers for you to share with your Club members.  We have 2 more officer training opportunities, one on  Aug. 15th and another on Sept 12.   If you have not held club officer training, here are two more chances to do so.

Possibly contact all of your members and have the entire club attend as a Club meeting.

Finally it is important that you as Club officers share information with your membership, please feel free to forward any of my emails to your membership.  Let's stay connected, in this way we can help each other.

Thank you Lions!

Ray Fujiura
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