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District F Lions,

Hello, I hope you are all doing well.  The District F Cabinet met last Saturday the 25th.  We had a great meeting and a lot of ideas were discussed.  Your Club will be contacted by Cabinet Chair so please watch for those emails.  The Cabinet Chairs are excited to share their thoughts and ideas with you.

I hope that your Club is meeting regularly.  Please plan of doing so if you are not.  I know that a lot of projects have had to be canceled because of COVID.  I also feel strongly that we need to continue to meet as Lions.  We could be calling each other, or using one of many virtual platforms that are available.  It is important that we meet and continue to Serve our communities.

Clubs are being very creative in their service, Please report what you've been doing to LCI and send me a quick note so I can share your creative ideas with the other clubs in the district.  I've heard of various "drive-thru" events.  Some clubs in  MD 19 have held Drive-thru food sales as fund raisers.  Now is the time to be creative AND safe in our Service.

What projects can we do outdoors while socially distancing?

Again, please send me a note of what you are doing so we can share it with the rest of the district.  It is a challenging time, I am confident that we as Lions will figure out a way through it.

I've also attached a couple of flyers for you to share with your Club members.  We have 2 more officer training opportunities, one on  Aug. 15th and another on Sept 12.   If you have not held club officer training, here are two more chances to do so.

Possibly contact all of your members and have the entire club attend as a Club meeting.

Finally it is important that you as Club officers share information with your membership, please feel free to forward any of my emails to your membership.  Let's stay connected, in this way we can help each other.

Thank you Lions!

Ray Fujiura
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 I received this information from Al Hedstrom who is our Multiple District Council Chair for this Lions year.  
Recently I also sent out an email encouraging you to continue to meet during this COVID19 times.  I really feel that it is important for us to keep in touch with each other even though we may not be able to meet in person.
I hope the information below will be helpful to you to continue your club meetings.

This year, our International President is Dr. Jung-Yul Choi.  If his name sounds familiar, it is because he is repeating as our International President.  I think most of you are aware that our 1st Vice President Judge Haynes H. Townsend passed suddenly in December of 2019.  Lions Clubs International board of Directors decided that we will keep in place the Board and Officers for this Lions year.
President Choi's theme for this year is "United in Kindness and Diversity."
Please take a few seconds to watch the video below and share it with your clubs.

Presidential Theme | Lions Clubs International

Presidential Theme | Lions Clubs International

We are having our first District Cabinet meeting on Saturday July 25th at 10 am via Zoom.  I am hoping it goes well.  Lol... I've been watching the videos and tutorials but sometimes things happen.
Send me an email if you would like a link.
-Ray Fujiura
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Marie Vogel was drawn as the MD19F Lions Raffle winner. Watch live drawing at the link below!

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Zoom Meetings on 

July 11 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


July 18 8:30 AM - 12:30 PM


This workshop is held over two days and will enrich your leadership skills and enable you to take on further responsibility within your zone. Details about this workshop are listed below.

Pre-Assignments :  https://webmail.fairpoint.net/service/home/~/?auth=co&loc=en_US&id=46641&part=2 

There are two parts to your pre-assignment. The first part is the Preparing for Your Term as Zone Chairperson assignment, which you will find attached to this email. If you have any trouble accessing it, go to the Lions Club International webpage www.lionsclubs.org and use the search term Zone Chairperson Workshop. Download the pre-assignment from that page and print it out for your use.

The second part of the pre-assignment is to take three online courses:

1.       Goal Setting and Action Planning

2.       Conflict Resolution

3.       Effective Listening

You will find these courses in the Lions Learning Center. Attached to this email is a PowerPoint on “How to Access the Lions Learning Centre” that you might find beneficial.

Take time to complete the Zone Chairperson Workshop pre-assignments prior to attending class as the knowledge you gain from these pre-assignments will be used throughout the workshop. Please download and review the Zone and Region Chairperson e-Book before attending the workshop.

If you indicated in the survey that you are not already signed up for MyLion App, I will be in contact with you shortly to help you do that.  You will require your membership number; if you do not know your number please let me know and I will have it available.

Workshop in ZOOM Meeting Format

The format we will be using for the two workshop sessions is Zoom.  If you indicated that you were not familiar with this format, I will contact you in advance to introduce you to Zoom.  It is fairly user-friendly and fun to use.  You will receive a Zoom meeting notice (with link) closer to the date of training.  During the two days of the workshop, if you are having difficulty accessing Zoom, please call:

Sharon (USA) 1-360-412-0225

Wanda (Canada) 1-250-851-5292

 Al (Both Canada and USA) 1-360-621-8713

The facilitators and I are looking forward to meeting you and helping you gain knowledge for your successful year.  Please do not hesitate to contact me at lionwandac@gmail.com if I can be of assistance in any way.


Wanda Carisse

MD19 Global Leadership Team Leader

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Ray Fujiura- Governor Elect        Melissa Smith - 1st Vice Governor Elect


 I have received and forwarded the votes to Lions Club International and MD19.

 Please provide any assistance you can, during this time of uncertainty. Remember,  this is a fun yet trying job, and both of these fine Lions will need your help.

 Both Ray and Melissa will assume their respected jobs on July 1st, 2020.

 It has been a pleasure working with all of you. I hope to see all soon!

 District Governor 19F

 Ken Allan

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Are you missing out on your convention? Do you like awesome Lions learning experiences?

Then sign up for the Lions Virtual Symposium which is happening on Saturday April 25th!

Join Lions from around the world in a day of virtual learning featuring presentations and discussions about the future of Lionism.

Keynote Speaker: International 2nd Vice President Brian Sheehan

Guest Speakers: PID Steve Glass, PID Lewis Quinn, PDG Jodi Burmester, & the Young Lions Task Force.

Come and spend an afternoon learning how Lions are adapting to the digital age and imagining new ways to empower volunteers to serve their communities, meet humanitarian needs, promote peace, and encourage international understanding through Lions club.

Hosted by the Young Lions Task Force.

To register click here:

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Fellow Lions, Friends and Family,

It is with deep concern for the safety of everyone, that we have decided to cancel the Spring Conference for District F.  Full refunds for the conference will be going out within the week.

We are hopefully to find a mutual date, later this Spring to hold a day meeting and finalize the voting.  As well as do the drawing for the $1000 prize raffle.  If you have any tickets, please send those back right away to my office at 312 S 1st Street Selah WA  98942.

This is the time when Lions stand strong together.


Lion DG Ken Allan

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Asotin Lions where definitely surprised! DG Ken Allan collected checks from the district this year, to help the Asotin Lions put a new roof on there building totaling $4,308.00. Guests came from Moscow, Troy, Potlatch and Clarkston Lions to join in the presentation!

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Had the pleasure of meeting with the Walla Walla Eastgate Lions Club on March 4th, 2020. I was greeted at the door by the club president and a couple other Lions from the club. Upon walking in I smelled one of my favorite meals, cabbage and corned beef... and it was amazing. 

 Lion Betty took me around to meet all the members and made me feel welcome.
 I understand this club just finished the 29th crab feed fundraiser, and it was very successful. There were comments from different community members on how well it was organized and ran.
 Because I  arrived near evening,  I really didn't have time to take any photos,  or really explore the community.  I did head out the next morning and do a little exploration. Whitman College is beautiful. There are many extraordinary older homes with tree lined streets, and many, many parks. I plan on getting back down that way soon to see some more of the downtown area. 
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Let's start with a little history about the town of Lind. First settled in 1988 on a relatively barren area along the Northern Pacific Railway's main line by the Neilson Brothers,  James and Dugal.

  Wheat farming seems to be the main occupation, with a unique older downtown area to provide for the needs of the community.
 Something a little more modern...as of October 2018, Lind Washington boasts the largest solar array in the state, producing enough electricity to power 4,000 homes.
 The Lind Lions Club was first chartered December 20, 1967. This club currently has 41 members and is involved with many community projects. 
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Had a great time visiting the College Place with a beautiful spouse Tammy.

 The College Place Lions were founded in 1962 and has produced multiple District Governors,  Zone Chairs, and outstanding Leadership for our Multiple District. 
 I had the extreme pleasure of inducting four new members into the club during my visitation. Here is something that was I've never seen before. After inducting new Lion Mark Ferraro (sponsor PDG David Walk), I got the pleasure to induct three new Lions, Scott Kasenga, Robert Aguilar, and Chris Plucker        (Mark Ferraro sponsor) "Great job Mark!"
 I found this meeting interesting as some of the College Place Lions, meet via on line... to include the President who was out of town... getting the job done, one way or another. 
 Congratulations College Place Lions
Continuing a proud tradition of membership and service to your community.
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