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06 Nov

My meeting with the Clarkston Lions started at 6:30pm at their club house. I snuck in the back door, but they caught me and offered a warm Lion's greeting! I was ask to go downstairs and meet the rest of the group. ( I think there was something other than soda being shared, but you have to go visit yourself to find out 

 We all moved upstairs at 7pm and a wonderful potluck dinner was provided. 
 During dinner I had the opportunity to visit with different members of the club and learn some interesting facts. One being, if I went on to long, they were going to shut off the lights... so I  promised to keep my speech under three hours. 
 The first thing I did was install two new members,and I was able to present Membership Chevron's to some of their members. 
 Clarkston like all clubs provide services to the people of their town, things like the Halloween candy give away, Bell ringing during the Christmas holiday season,  Christmas float in the parade, and the lighting of the giant Christmas Star 
 Another fine group of Lions who love their community,  and only want to help!
 Thanks for letting me be part of your family.
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