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14 Nov

District F Lions, Below is a message from District F Diabetes Chairperson Dr. Chris Babin:
"Please join the Lions Clubs of District F in observing World Diabetes Day on November 14, 2020.  The theme this year is “Nurses Make the Difference” in recognition of the crucial role nurses play in supporting people living with diabetes.  Currently, there are 27.9 million nurses worldwide and they account for 59% of health professionals.  As the number of people with diabetes continues to rise around the world the role of nurses is becoming increasingly more important in managing the impact of the condition.  They play a key role in diagnosing diabetes early to ensure prompt treatment, providing self-management training and psychological support for people with diabetes to help reduce incidence of complications and tackling the risk factors for type 2 diabetes. Do you and your loved ones know your risk factors for developing type 2 diabetes?  Now is the time to learn these by going to: www.worlddiabetesday.organd take the “Know Your Risk of Type 2 Diabetes”.  Click on the “Get Involve” tab on the top of the main page and scroll down to “HERE ARE SOME IDEAS ON HOW YOU CAN GET INVOLVED.”  Below that click on the “online quiz” link.  This short quiz will help you determine your risk and provide resources to help lower this risk."
Dr. Chris Babin District 19 F Diabetes Chairperson
I've also attached a .pdf file of this message. If you have any question or ideas on raising Diabetes Awareness, pleas contact Dr. Babin at the email address above.  Don't forget to report any service projects that you do in regards to diabetes awareness or any other Lions or Community Service.
Thank you again District F Lions for everything you do.
Ray Fujiura  DG
"Kindness does Matter when Serving our Communities..."

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