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21 Nov

The town of Grangeville Idaho and the Grangeville Lions Club is a five hour drive from my hometown Selah Wa. I have been looking forward to this visitation and seeing what this town and community has to offer.

 As I came into town around lunch time I stopped off at a little cafe named, Amy's Full Belly Deli, and had an outstanding lunch! 

 Proceeding to explore the area,  I found a drive- in theater, a ski area named SnowHaven, a mammoth now on display that was discovered Sept 2, 1994 in Tolo Lake. 

 Grangeville has a population of just a little over 3000, and is the home of the Bulldogs. There is a nice downtown area with many shops to keep you busy. 

 I found the Lions Park that was donated to the city by the Grangeville Lions. It has nice playground equipment, playing fields with lighting,  picnic tables, and a Frisbee disc golf course.

 Some of the Grangeville Lions projects include scholarships for students, White Cane Days, Christmas tree sales, donations for youth soccer and baseball programs just to name a few.

 I was so impressed with how the community supports and depends this club to help out with needs. At the meeting there were two different groups asking for help, and this group of Lions were immediately trying to figure out the best way to help.

 P.S. I'm wondering how many Lions Burgers will a mammoth make?

 Keep up the great work Grangeville!

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