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28 Oct


 The very first thing I saw when I came into town was the large 10 commandments sign, thank you!
 Kahlotus home of the Koyotes. This is one of the smallest communities I've had the opportunity to visit with a population of under 200. This club currently is boasting 16 members and are proud of the service they provide. As Tammy and I entered their Lions hall we noticed all the cardboard posters that showed everything they had done to support others. 
 Some of the projects they do; Kahlotus Days, Lions Cowboy Breakfast, Christmas signs, food baskets for school just to name a few. 
 As Tammy was talking about the Youth Exchange and how the foundation could be of help, they showed us where they had donated $100 to a young girl who was going to Greece in 2011. They said she wrote a beautiful thank you when she got back, but never had the chance to meet her. Seeing how that was one of our daughters (Lauren) I'm going to make sure they get that chance!
 I never fail to be amazed by the caring and support every Lion Club provides. Way to go Kahlotus Lions!
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