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07 Dec

District F Cabinet Members and District F Lions Clubs,
I received and email form Andy Arvidson who is the first Chairperson for the MD 19 "Knights of the Blind" Committee.He discussed this at the last MD19 Council of Governors meeting.
Below is a description from Andy on what the purpose of the Committee is:
"As the first Chair of the newly formed MD19 KOTB Committee I will be working with our elected District Representatives to contact all District Governors, Zone Chairs and Lions Club Presidents to inform them of what we are, who we are and the main purpose that we are striving to achieve as a committee, as noted in our Mission Statement: To accept and act upon the Helen Keller challenge made to Lions to become the "Knights Of The Blind," which includes the improvement of the quality of life for people who are blind and visually impaired."

I have also attached the complete attachment that he recently sent to me.  If you or any of your members have interest in becoming active with this committee, please send Andy an email.  His email address is at the top.
Thank you District F Lions for all you do.
Sincerely,Ray FujiuraDiistrict Governor

"Kindness Matters when Serving our Communities..."

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