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08 Jul

To the Lion's of District 19F, Tammy and I have just finished the 102nd International Convention of Lion's in Milan Italy. The host city and  country are amazing! 

 It truly humbles me meeting 
so many other Lion's who have the same mindset of service to others. 
 We have had the opportunity to hear some amazing speakers, attended  learning sessions, managed to navigate the Metro and train system, and enjoyed some outstanding Italian food.
 As I get ready to start meeting with the different clubs of our District,  I look forwards to learning what projects and special things you do for your community.
 Tony Blair the past Prime Minister of the UK said; "the best things you do are for other people.
Count your blessings!
 As I have said before,  Dare to be different,  and we will make a positive change in this world.
 Lion Ken Allan DG
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