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29 Aug

I had a enjoyable meeting with Naches Lions Club and also enjoyed the opportunity to come back with my wife Tammy and help out with their Sportsman Days Parade. 

 Naches is a strong club of men and women who are very involved with their community and its needs. For many years Naches Lions was a man only club, but a few years ago it was decided it was in the best interest of the club and community to invite women to join, and the club has truly grown. As our International president has said, diversity is so important. 
 Naches has many projects they are involved with in their  community, Sportsman Days, staging the parade,  annual Halloween hotdog feed, collecting Christmas boughs to decorate the town, just to name a few.   Naches has also produced some very strong leaders who have provided many years of outstanding,  and unselfish service to their fellow Lion members in our District. 
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