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25 Sep

We arrived in Nezperce and had a little time to drive and walk around the town to see the sights. There is no doubt this is a farming community. As we drove into town we saw giant tractors, combines and equipment for sale at the dealerships. Large grain towers and cute country churches sit proudly and are a reminder of why people came to this country. There was a arena on one side of town,  and a beautiful park on the other. I ask how large the farms were here, and were told somewhere between 7,000 and 15,000 acres. 

 Tonight starts the Lewis County Fair, and one of the highlights will be this club's Lion Burger Booth, and the demolition derby/race's that involves pickups hauling travel trailers. If you look on line you will find some great videos. This group of Lions, does most if not all of the setup, and were still working on the final preparation as we left last night. It's calling for rain and possibly snow for the weekend, but they didn't want to let the community down, and just like so many other Lions, they they will work until the job gets done. Here's a shout out to the Nezperce Lions!
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