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06 Sep

Palouse is a beautiful small town with friendly, helpful people. I spent part of the day exploring the town and countryside. Had the opportunity to wet a fly line in their stream that flows past the town and enjoyed catching some Pikeminnows... I call them something else, but trying to be politically correct. 

 It's easy to see Palouse has had a long and proud history, and you can tell as you walk around town, they still do. Outstanding community park, with lots of playgrounds for the kids, covered shelters, monuments to their soldiers. Beautiful flowers in containers on Main street, and pride of ownership businesses in town. I even got to see Doc from the movie  Cars... or it might have been.

 The Palouse lions have a small RV park you can stay in for a donation of $7 a night. 
 Next weekend is Palouse Days, Show and Shine and the Lions will put on another fantastic event. 
 They also give out two scholarships each year to a deserving student, last year was $1500 each. 
 There are many other projects I could list, but stop by during one if their meetings, and check out the club. 
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