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31 Mar

Here's an outline of our prep for 2021 (virtual) Seaperch Challenge - Club heard about my similar experience and interest and offered to sponsor an underwater robotics team. Started with academics in October to cover: DC electricity basics (Ohms law - volts, amps, resistance; How DC powers the ROV thrusters (motors) and controlled with DPDT switches, troubleshoot with a multimeter; Practice soldering skills; Archimedes Buoyancy principles - how to make the ROV neutrally buoyant - not sink or float, and vehicle dynamics/performance. Design/modify ROV from kit form. From November to the present - practice and modifying ROV tools used to accomplish the tasks outlined in the Challenge; Submitted application for Challenge qualification:  Work on required Engineering Report, practice for the live interview with Seaperch judges Must complete engineering report and videos of ROV working on mission tasks in the Aquatics Center entries by May 3, 2021. Seaperch Challenge results announced June 4-5,2021. A couple of photos attached for grins. Ella, Rachel, and Claire learning buoyancy laws;  and girls in the Workshop. There's more, of course!  

Thank you Asotin Lions Club

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